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Leverage peer data and time-saving tools to grow your sales and increase your ministry. Choose the level that is right for you.

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Ensure you have the top-selling titles by using our at-a-glance bestsellers lists.
Improve your data quality and make sure you’re not throwing money away.
Save time and improve cash flow by locating and fixing your POS inventory issues.
Compare sales and traffic to other stores in your marketing group and get a better view of your store's overall health.
Strategically stock new titles by comparing your on-hand/on-order quantities to the stocking levels of others in the industry.
Discover in-demand products your peers are selling; easily compare them to your own inventory.
Conveniently filter bestsellers lists by vendor, date range, product type and category. Sort by sales, quantity, and receipt count.
Improve cash flow by intelligently eliminating stale inventory that isn't in upcoming promotions.
Make promotions work and identify missing promoted products.
Export product reports for further analysis.
Save time with customized promotion purchase orders including your current inventory.
Maximize your marketing dollars by measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your promotions.
Get your mailing fees as low as possible with address cleansing and correction.
Save money with predictive mailing tools.
Pull your own filtered customer lists.
Drive traffic and transactions with an optional email program.
Track customer trends to prepare your store and staff to better serve your customers.
Automatically update your POS with information from the National Change of Address database.
Prevent waste by never mailing to undeliverable addresses.
Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers through the optional New Customer Postcard Program.
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